CBD vs Copaiba Oil

What’s the big deal about Copaiba?

It can get a bit complicated as we throw around terms like the Endocannibinoid system, CBD, THC, and BCP. If we’re honest, we want to know why Copaiba is different than a CBD oil or even just inhaling the dagga smoke from your neighbor’s jol.


THC comes from the cannabis or hemp plants.

CBD oil from hemp contains only trace amounts of THC. It does not make you high but it does help with neurological issues, pain and more by indirectly interacting with CB2 receptors in the body.

BCP, caryophyllene, is a cannabinoid found in very high levels in doTERRA’s Copaiba and it interacts directly with CB2 receptors. When taken internally, the BCP in Copaiba possesses strong antioxidant properties, promotes healthy cellular function,  may help support immune function while supporting overall circulatory health, and may help support the health of the gastrointestinal tract and colon.

Topically applied Copaiba oil may also help keep the skin clean and clear while helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes.  Another interesting experimental research study found that Copaiba taken internally may help to support uterine health and ease menstruation.*


 To read more about Copaiba VS CBD oils, here’s a great article.

To order Copaiba, send an email to: info@getoily.co.za.

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